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The Chosen One

Running with the Spirit Kitties

23 September
Yeah, well, let's see. I'm a cat. Brown tabby. I'm very handsome. I was marked specially by Bast. You can see it around the eyes. And I have special powers. These humans I live with, they say I am crazy. What they don't understand is that I can communicate with the spirit kitties. That's a special talent. Yep. And I have very powerful claws, so I suggest you don't mess with me. Okay? Now, if you can follow these rules, we can be friends. If not, we could make interesting adversaries.
Oh, yeah. I have four brothers. One of them has a journal. You may know him as mrtubbs. He is very full of himself. Don't hold that against me. He and I, we don't get along all that well. Unless it's cold. Or, maybe, when there are fishes involved. Sometimes, even a cat with special powers needs a helping paw.